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          What are the functions and benefits of the thermostat of a car?

          Author:sdz    PubTiem:2018-8-27

          The thermostat controls the temperature of the engine coolant. when the temperature of the coolant is lower than the operating temperature, the engine coolant flows back to the inlet of the water pump through the bypass. when the temperature of the engine coolant reaches the operating range, the thermostat opens, closes the bypass, and opens the large circulation mode, forcing the engine coolant to flow into the radiator for cooling.
          Nowadays, more and more large displacement diesel engines begin to use double thermostats, such as xi chai 6dl 2, hi no e13c, Yu chai, Futian Cummins and other engines. the opening temperature of two parallel thermostats for man ( man ) engines is 83 ℃.
          The Futian Cummins ISG engine is equipped with two adjustable thermostats. the design of the double thermostats increases the flow area of the cooling liquid, and the increase of the flow area reduces the pressure of the circulating cooling liquid.
          The thermostat opening temperature in the low operating range is 82 - 95 ℃ and the thermostat opening temperature in the high operating range is 88 - 97 ℃. the thermostat temperature is stamped on the top of the thermostat, 82 c indicates the thermostat in the low operating range and 88 c indicates the thermostat in the high operating range.
          More and more large displacement engines are beginning to be used, and their coolant flow rate is higher. using double thermostats, both thermostats are opened under high temperature, the coolant flow cross-sectional area increases, the water temperature will not rise too fast, thus enhancing the cooling effect. at the same time, the reliability of the two thermostats is higher. if one thermostat is broken, it will affect the engine's work, and the double thermostats are more reliable.
          In addition, the dual thermostat also has the function of saving energy. for electronic-controlled diesel engines, the water temperature is a very important reference signal for fuel injection. the engine itself has a suitable operating temperature, which is too high and too low. using the dual thermostat can realize more accurate water temperature control, which is helpful to save energy and reduce fuel consumption.
          In addition, some vehicles can control cylinder heads separately by using double thermostats, for example, the mass four-cylinder engine, etc. because the cooling of the engine itself must ensure that the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet cannot be too large, the double-joint problem can well meet this demand.
          The thermostat has a calibration temperature, which is usually stamped on top of the thermostat. this temperature refers to the problem that the thermostat starts to open. the thermostat calibration temperature of different engines may not be the same, even the same type of engines may not be the same depending on the thermostat calibration temperature.
          For a dual thermostat engine, there may be the same thermostat temperature as well as different temperatures, such as the Futian Cummins ISG engine. Therefore, when replacing the thermostat, it is necessary to check the calibration temperature of the thermostat.
          Inspect the exterior of each thermostat for damage, cracks, embedded debris, seat damage, and other damage. If any damage is found, replace the thermostat. If it is suspected that the thermostat is faulty, the opening temperature of each thermostat should be measured to determine whether each thermostat is working properly.
          Determine each thermostat to measure the corresponding opening and closing values. When installing, make sure that the thermostat matches the opening correctly, and the separate positioner on each thermostat ensures that the thermostat will not be installed in the wrong position.
          In addition, some car owners will remove the thermostat, which is a very wrong practice. on the one hand, it will cause the engine to run at low temperature for a long time, causing the engine to wear more and damage prematurely. at the same time, it will also affect the fuel consumption of the engine.

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